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The Pioneers Recruitment Registry connects people with cutting-edge researchers and clinical trials to transform laboratory discoveries into treatments and cures. We’re a network of hospitals and doctors located in Kansas and Western Missouri.  We need volunteers like you to help us advance medicine and improve the lives and health of millions.



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Why have others become Pioneers?


I have been having problems setting up my schedule and knowing how much to exercise, what to check. This trial gave me a schedule and some kind of assistance. It has given me the tools to be able to continue on my own, being able to know how to maintain my blood pressure and blood sugars and to know what to look for.


What a wonderful resource!  I wish there was something like this when my son (who has diabetes) was small, how great it would have been to participate and get more information on what advances were being made in Juvenile Diabetes research all in one place.  Back then, all we could rely on was what the doctors told us - without a computer, or a web site like this, there was no way to know how anything was advancing.


My doctor recommended that I should look into research studies because I was not doing anything. Now I am exercising a lot. Signing up for this exercise study gave me my energy and my life back.


The best part of signing up [for a research study] was being with my peers who have similar challenges that I have, sharing the same problems that I have. Second, the research can benefit someone else, if not me. The good thing is that we can address some of today's major medical issues with research. To me, that's the benefit of joining the registry.