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Can we detect problems with thinking functions before they emerge in older adults at risk of Alzheimer's disease?

Changes in cognitive functions are commonly seen in healthy aging. These changes are usually benign as they will not seriously hinder the ability to perform activities of daily living. However, older adults have a higher risk of developing cognitive impairments. A prevalent condition that affect cognitive functions in older adults is Alzheimer's disease. Accurate detection of cognitive impairments in the very early stages and even before they start showing up in formal cognitive testing is a critical step towards achieving our long-term goal of providing targeted diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer's disease. The overall objective of this pilot research proposal is to investigate non-invasive neurophysiological measures as potential markers of subtle cognitive impairments in pre-clinical Alzheimer's disease.


Compensation will be available for your participation in the study.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals with cognitively normal, and individuals with mild cognitive impairments will recruited.
Exclusion criteria include:
(1) history of other neurological conditions
(2) pupil or ocular motility problems
(3) cardiac rhythm disorders

Principal Investigator

Hannes Devos, PT, PhD

Study Contact

Hannes Devos, PT, PhD; hdevos@kumc.edu; (913) 588-2840

Estimated Completion Date

Monday, July 2, 2018