Dual-tasking Study

The objective of this study is to assess dual-task costs in older adults with and without Type2 Diabetes, and to determine how dual-task cost is influenced by cognitive workload and sleep quality.

What would be required from participants?

• To attend on a single visit at our laboratory at KUMC (approximately 1.5 hour)

• To be screened for diabetes peripheral neuropathy

• To perform a sleep quality questionnaire

• To perform a series of thinking/memory questions and manual tasks involving lifting light objects

If you are interested in participating, please click this link to fill out our online screener: https://redcap.kumc.edu/surveys/?s=93M3EX3T9P

Eligibility Criteria

We are we looking:

• Older adults, males and females, between 60-90 years old

• Both people with and without type 2 diabetes diagnosis

Exclusion Criteria

• No history of neurologic conditions (e.g., Stroke, Parkinson/Alzheimer's disease)

• No history of Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy

Principal Investigator

Catherine Siengsukon, PT,PhD

Study Contact

Eber Silveira Beck Jr, (913) 271-2065, ebeckjunior@kumc.edu

Estimated Completion Date

Friday, January 10, 2020