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Sedentary Behavior and Health

By doing this study, researchers hope to learn about the relationship between sitting time and different health measures, such as strength, endurance, blood sugar control, and fatigue.


The following is involved for those eligible to participate: 

- 7 days of wearing an activity monitor called ActivPAL (secured to your thigh with waterproof tap)

- Completing questionnaires about your activity and well-being

- Assessment of strength, endurance, balance, blood sugar control, and fatigue

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion criteria:

  • 50 - 75 years of age
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Able to walk without the use of assistive device

Exclusion criteria:

  • Any medical condition that can affect your activity level

Principal Investigator

Patricia Kluding, PhD

Study Contact

Shaima Alothman, salothman@kum.edu, (913) 588-6919

Estimated Completion Date

Thursday, November 30, 2017