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Understanding how noise exposure relates to difficulty understanding speech in background noise

By doing this study, the researchers hope to develop new tools to explain why some normal-hearing listeners, who have been exposed to noise, have more difficulty understanding speech in background noise than their peers.

For those interested in participating, we will test your hearing and ask some questions about the amount of loud noise you are around. After the hearing test, you will listen to and repeat words presented in quiet or in background noise. After the listening tests, you will sit in a comfortable recliner and will listen to sounds through an earphone, while surface electrodes are placed on your skin to record brain responses to the sounds you hear. We are paying up to $48 for 4 hours of testing spread over 2 days on the KUMC campus.

Eligibility Criteria

Normal hearing adults (ages 18-35) who have either a little or a lot of exposure to loud sounds. We are particularly interested in enrolling individuals who have been exposed to noise and feel that they have more difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations than their friends and family. 

Principal Investigator

Tiffany Johnson, PhD

Study Contact

Nikki Go, audlab@kumc.edu or 913-588-5929

Estimated Completion Date

Monday, May 15, 2017