Young People Age 14-18 Wanted for KU Med Center Study

University of Kansas researchers are conducting a study about how young people's brains respond to advertising images.

Phase 1: You will answer two short surveys and go through a brain imaging scan (fMRI) while seeing advertising images and messaging. fMRI does not use radiation and is approved by the FDA.

Phase 2: You will have a one-week follow-up via phone or an online survey. You will be compensated $115 (Phase 1: $80 and Phase 2: $35) for being in the study.

WHAT: Are you between 14 and 18? Do you have a child between 14 and 18? 

DURATION: The study will take about 2.5 hours. This is a two-phase study. You will receive $115 for 2.5 hours of your time.

WHEN: The study will take place between March to July 2018.

WHERE: Hoglund Brain Imaging Center, KU Medical Center: Kansas City, Kansas

INTERESTED?: Call (913) 588-0173 or text (913) 730-6463. You can also fill out this screener: or email us at

If you are a parent of a child between 14-18, you can fill out the screener for your child. You can call, text or email us too. If you are between 14-18 and want to fill out the screener on your own, your parent will need to call (913) 588-0173 and give permission for you to complete the screener. If you are 18, contact us directly or fill out the online screener. ** Note: Final eligibility is at the discretion of the researchers **

Eligibility Criteria


 - Be a non-smoker in the age range of 14-18.

- Be right handed.


- Must not be claustrophobic (fear of feeling trapped in a small space).

- Must not have suffered from a brain injury (concussion, loss of consciousness...).

- Must not have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder (schizophrenia, depression, ADD...).

- Must not have a history of seizures.

- Fillings and permanent retainers are OK.

Principal Investigator

Laura Martin, PhD

Study Contact

Morgan Brucks,, (913) 588-0173

Estimated Completion Date

Saturday, June 30, 2018