The objective of this study is to assess dual-task costs in older adults with and without Type2 Diabetes, and to determine how dual-task cost is influenced by cognitive workload and sleep quality.

What would be required from participants?

• To attend on a single visit at our laboratory at KUMC (approximately 1.5 hour)

• To be screened for diabetes peripheral neuropathy

• To perform a sleep quality questionnaire

• To perform a series of thinking/memory questions and manual tasks involving lifting light objects

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a lifelong disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Currently there is no cure for MS.

To help doctors determine how severely MS impacts their patients, we use tests to measure walking, vision, hand use and thinking ability. However, we know that the normal age-related changes that we all can experience as we get older also can make those abilities more difficult for anyone.

This study looks at how the normal age-related changes affect people with and without MS, and will help us in the diagnosis and treatment of MS.

Our team wants to better understand the impact of fatigue and inattention on commercial drivers' safety. Our goal is to help truck drivers drive longer and safer. We won't be sharing the results and we will help our participants with useful information that will assist them in any concerns we may find.